About The SHOW

The multi-talented music composer, song-writer, and music producer, Yuki Kajiura, is debuting her mega-hit live show, “Yuki Kajiura LIVE ~featuring SWORD ART ONLINE~” this January! Kajiura’s unique style, which fuses the essence of both European and East Asian sounds, has gained a global following and is now known to many as the “Kajiura Sound.” In addition to serving as the music producer for the popular vocal trio, “Kalafina,” she is also known as the composer of the hit animated series “Puella Magi Madoka Magica” and “Fate/Zero.”

This January, Kajiura will present this exclusive event along with an all-star ensemble of over ten musicians including Koichi Korenaga and singers Remi, Kaori, Wakana, and Yuriko Kaida. They are coming all the way from Japan to perform your favorite songs from Sword Art Online. Fans can definitely “log in” to the beautiful world of Sword Art Online through this musical celebration.

*The VIP ticket includes an autograph session with Ms. Yuki Kajiura and the four singers (Remi, Kaori, Wakana, and Yuriko Kaida ) after the concert. No recording of any kind (video, photo, audio) is allowed. One autograph from each artist per ticket holder.

No audio or video recording of any kind is allowed during the performance.        No cameras.        Call (323) 308-6300 for more infomation.